TAS - Menzies Tour for Chinese Community 02-Aug-2013

On the 2nd of August, over one hundred Chinese members from local communities came to visit the newly established medical research precinct of Menzies Research Institute Tasmania, known as MS2, , to celebrate the 25 years of research excellence at Menzies. The visitors were impressed by the introduction given by Prof. Stephen Rattigan and Ms. Larissa Bartlett on the history and research interests of Menzies Research Institute Tasmania.

“I am not a medicine buff, but today I was really impressed by the facilities as well as the reputation of Menzies Research Institute. I hope the Institute could interact more often with the Chinese communities in the future,” said Daniel Chan, the president of the Chinese Community Association of Tasmania.

“Every time I walked around Queen’s Domain, I was always curious about the architecture, thank you all for giving me the opportunity to visit this building.”

Today, there are over 20 Chinese researchers and PhD students at Menzies working on diverse areas of medical research, including neuroscience, human genetics, pharmacology, clinical epidemiology, public health and health economics. And the number is anticipated to grow in the future.