WA - Successfully held Satellite Meeting of the 3rd Australia-China Biomedical Research Conference in May 2011

In May 2011, the 3rd Australia-China Biomedical Research Conference was successfully held in Melbourne, May 2011. After the conference in Melbourne, Satellite Meeting of the 3rd Australia-China Biomedical Research Conference was immediately held in the University of Western Australia, which is located on the beautiful swan river, Perth. The title of the meeting is cell signaling and translational medicine.

Approximately 100 famous professors and scholars from China and Australian participated in the meeting, and among them, more than ten famous international-recognized professors gave wonderful speeches at the conference. The conference attracted directors of several WA important biomedical research institute and centres who presented their high achievements in their research areas covering cancer, diabetes, asthmas, allergy and Alzheimer’s research.  These directors are Western Australia Institute for Medical Research (WAMIMR), Professor Peter Klinken, and Professor Peter Leedman, Director for Centre for Diabetes Research Professor Grant Morahan, Director for Lung Institute of Western Australia Inc, and Director for Centre for Asthma, Allergy and Respiratory Research Professor Phi Thompson, Foundation Chair, Ageing and Alzheimer’s Disease Professor Ralph Martins. In addition, several professors from UWA including clinic expert Professor Allan Wang, Professor Richard Prince and tumor immunology expert Professor Ruth Ganss also gave speeches at the conference. Several professors from Curtin University also delivered excellent speeches including Professor Deidre Coombe, Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor-Research, Professor Brett Kirk, A/Professor Xia Lou. Professor Jinming Ye from RMIT reported his work in the identification of new anti-diabetic drugs from natural products and traditional medicines.

Especially, more than ten famous Chinese professors came to Perth from China and Hong Kong to exchange their high achievements in biomedical research at the conference. Professor Ling Qin from The Chinese University of Hong Kong gave a talk entitled postoperative biological and biophysical enhancement of bone-tendon insertion repairs in normal and delayed healing, and Professor Xiao Guo from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University presented her work on sensory innervations of bone and its role in mechanophysiology. Professor Jun XU from Sun Yat-Sen University’s talk “from single target to multi targets: a new drug discovery paradigm” attracted many audios and scholars.  

The conference not only provided an opportunity for Chinese and Australian scholars to exchange the information and their achievements, but also provided a bridge for scholars to collaborate.  After the conference, the University of Western Australia and Sun Yat-Sen University have established a close collaboration and co-research institute. Two famous universities in Australia and China are trying to work together to develop new drugs and overcome many challenge difficult problems in biomedical research.