WA - Organized a delegation to attend the 4th China-Australia Biomedical Research Conference

The 4th China-Australia Biomedical Research Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou in September 2013. The Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences WA Inc. (ACABS, WA) strong supported the conference and organized a delegation to attend the conference. The delegation consisted of ten professors and scholars from the University of Western Australia, Curtin University and WA government organizations, including Nobel Prize laureate Winthrop Professor Barry Marshall, Winthrop Professors Grant Morahan, Win/Prof Evan Ingley, Win/Prof Jiake Xu, Win/Prof  Susan Prescott, Prof  Steve Wilton and A/Prof Fang-Xu Jiang from UWA, and A/Prof Xia Lou, Drs Jianping Wu and Le Jian from Curtin University.