WA - Invited A/Professor Jian Ni, Lantong University to visit Perth WA

At the end of 2013, the Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences WA Inc. (ACABS, WA) with Western Australia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WACCC) invited A/Professor Jian Ni, Hospital, Lantong University to visit Perth. Professor Ni is an Associate Professor at Urology and Surgical Department, Hospital Lantong University. He has rich knowledge in surgery, and 20 years extensive clinical experiences in urology and surgery, especially in treatment of prostate infection and infertility in men. He has seen more than 7200 patients, completed 6250 cases of surgical operation 6250 and given 198 reports.  Since 2000, The method “3-3 treatment for prostate infection”, established by him, has been widely applied in clinic and showed obvious treatment results. He was invited to give reports on the studies on prostate diseases in many countries including Japan, Korea, UWA, UK, France and Russia.

ACABSWA members including Professor Jiake Xu, Dr Wei Lu and Dr Shaofang Wang, Vice-President of WACCC Mr Eddie Ke, WACCC members and some local doctors attended the seminar. After seminar, A/Professor Ni answered many questions and made discussion with audios on prostate diseases and how to avoid from prostate diseases.